We offer help and consultancy in the following areas: film creative development, financing & fund-raising, production & distribution strategies, project management. Whether you are an author, a filmmaker, an Ngo or a public institution we can shape your idea into a feasible project.

Creative Development and Research

Do you have an idea for a film/project and you would like to get it started? We offer you complete support in the creative development and research through our extensive network of authors, filmmakers, academics.

Financing and fund-raising

So you have a great idea but you don't know how to fund it. Film and project financing and fund-raising, in the independent audio-visual industry and the cultural sector, are at a crossroad: what we do is to analyze the artistic value and marketing/distribution potential of your project and define a financial and business plan adaptable to different financial partners.

Distribution strategies

So you developed and financed your project and then? Let's spread the voice and get your work appreciated, watched, talked about! We provide distribution plans and marketing strategies for your project, just knock on our door.