Bolzano Danza – istantanea di un festival (2017)

by Armin Ferrari (Italy 2017, short documentary)


For over thirty years, the Festival Bolzano Danza has been an important cultural event for the South Tyrol summers. Two intense weeks during which the city hosts dance performances and world-famous choreographers, experimentation, workshops and initiatives for all ages.

The documentary “Bolzano Danza: istantanea di un festival” offers an insight into the transformations of the festival during the last three editions (2015-2017), curated by Emanuele Masi, through the testimonies of some of the protagonists: the Italian choreographers Francesca Pennini and Alessandro Sciarroni, the French artist and choreographer Rachid Ouramdane, as well as the festival director Emanuele Masi and the journalist and dance critic Maria Luisa Buzzi.




Written by: Armin Ferrari and Roberto Cavallini

Directed and edited by: Armin Ferrari

Produced by: RIFF Video

Creative Producer: Roberto Cavallini for Altrove Films

Length: 23′

Commissioned by: CAB – Centro Audiovisivi Bolzano (Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano)

Supported by: Festival Bolzano Danza

Broadcaster: Rai Alto Adige SudTirol