by Armin Ferrari (Italy, feature documentary - in development)

A documentary centered on the ramifications of the creative work of Wu Ming, the Italian collective of militant and avant-garde storytellers, and on the experiences emanating from their active engagement in shaping a different narration of the last two decades of Italian cultural and political struggle, through a “participating” use of their blog Giap.
The story of Wu Ming starts in the 1990s, when, under the pseudonym and visionary project Luther Blissett, they published Q, a historical novel that became a best seller in Italy and was translated into several languages. First at introducing Creative Commons practices in Italy and active in the anti-globalization movement of the early 2000s, lately they changed their name into Wu Ming (“anonymous” in Mandarin) but continued their literary militancy as a band of novelists cultivating a very close relationship with their readers, with more than 1 million copies sold and a strong online community participating on their blog, Giap.
This documentary delves into the artistic and cultural underground landscape of Italy, taking as its point of departure the collective projects emerging from Giap, like Alpinismo Molotov (ecology and literature), Nicoletta Bourbaki (history and storytelling), Cirenaica Resistances (post-colonial and migration issues), to deliver a collective history of commitment and creative resistance in the Italian cultural, socio-political landscape of the beginning of the 21st Century. Through the voices of Wu Ming and other Italian and European militant writers, musicians and artists, the film adopts Wu Ming’s experimental approach to storytelling to tell stories from the good side of Italy.


Tech info
Written by: Flavio Pintarelli, Armin Ferrari, Roberto Cavallini
Director: Armin Ferrari
DoP: Harald Erschbaumer
Delegate producer: Roberto Cavallini for Altrove Films
Development consultant: Paolo Benzi (Okta Film)
Length: 76′
Genre: creative documentary
Status: development
Co-financed by IDM – Sudtirol Alto Adige, Development Fund (Italy)