by Marco Zuin (Italy/Vietnam, short documentary - in development)

Hoa tells the story of a Vietnamese rural family living in a village in Northeastern Vietnam. Hoa is the protagonist, the healer of the village. Beside caring for animals, growing children, eating, smiling, crying and sleeping, she dedicated her life to the preparation of officinal plants and their benefits for her patients.
Today, Hoa is 43 years old. She was born in the small village of Tuan Dao, whose main activities revolve around rice cultivation and it is located near an important forest, well-known for its biodiversity. Her mother, and her grandmother before, were healers and they transmitted their knowledge, as it is usually done in the tradition of the Dao ethnicity, to the female daughters.
Once married, however, Hoa did not want to learn to become a healer. Her main commitment was to take care of her own family in the city.
However, after the birth of her third daughter, at age 25, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the time, in 1999, there were not many hospitals. The nearest one practiced only western medicine
and so the only way to be cured was through the use of chemical drugs. The illness couldn’t be totally cured with chemical drugs. So, after the insistence of her family, Hoa began drinking herbal teas and using officinal plants under the supervision of her mother who did not leave her for a moment. She was finally cured and with it, came the realization that she had a mission to purse in life: to help others to heal just as it happened to her.


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Title: Hoa (working title)
Written and directed by: Marco Zuin
Produced and commissioned by GTV – Gruppo Trentino Volontariato
Creative producer: Roberto Cavallini for Altrove Films
Language: Vietnamese (Italian and English subs)
Locations: Hanoi and North-East Vietnam
Length: 20 min
Photos: Anna Brian