by Elena Goatelli and Angel Esteban (Italy/Spain, feature documentary - in post-production)

Nine years since the beginning of the Great Recession in Spain, a group of actors decide to establish a theatre company, naming themselves Malditos. Their debut show ‘Danzad Malditos’ is the stage adaptation of Sydney Pollack’s film “They shoot horses, don’t they?” (1969), which tells the story of a group of reckless characters during the 1930s Great Depression era, hoping to win a dance marathon, fighting against each other to reach success.

In a very unexpected turn of events, ‘Danzad Malditos’ wins the 2016 National Theatre Award for performance revelation of the year in Spain. What looks like the beginning of a happy-ending story, on the contrary, rapidly descends into an uncharted territory, where success is ephemeral as much as dreams evaporates when touching the solid ground of reality. On and off stage, our characters will understand how success is a fleeting moment and, as a consequence, how struggling and resistance, in life, never ends. Malditos is a documentary about standing up despite adversities and failures and keep on fighting to find our own place in the world.

Co-financed by Trentino Film Commission

Pitched at LisbonDocs 2016 – International Financing and Co-production Forum for Documentary, 17-21 October

Selected at EAVE Marketing Workshop 2016, 16-20 November;

Winner of the PerSo – Perugia Social Film Festival – PROMO Award 2017 – Best doc in progress.

Selected at MECAS – Post-production Market 2018 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Film Festival



Written and directed by: Elena Goatelli and Angel Esteban

DoP: Guillermo Vazquez

Delegate Producer: Roberto Cavallini for Altrove Films

Co-producer: KOTTOMfilms (Spain)

Associate producer: Prima & Vera Productions (Spain)

Status: Post-production

Genre: Creative Documentary

Length: 52’/ 72’

Photos: Candy Lopesino